Food is healthcare.

We all know food drives health. And, we all know food conveys care. Together, let us give food its proper place at the table in healthcare.

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A meaningful partnership

As a complement to care management, or as a supplemental benefit, our two solutions can unlock the power of food and nutrition for your members or patients.

A Healthy Dose Delivered

A Healthy Dose Delivered is a 1-2 month renewable program which is best suited for a broader subset of members facing food or nutrition insecurity and/or diet-sensitive chronic disease.

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The Comprehensive Program

The Project Well Program is a comprehensive, 4-6 month intervention in which we provide personalized food solutions, targeting highest risk members.

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Better outcomes, lasting change.


Provision of high-quality, culturally-relevant food builds trust and opens doors, leading to high opt-in rates and meaningful engagement.


Our program shows improvement across physical and mental health, quality of life, and social and structural circumstances.


Providing people food, that they want to eat and makes them feel better, delights and encourages lasting dietary behavior change.


Collaborative, proactive, insight-driven.

We’re proud to offer health plans and providers a way to take on medical conditions and behaviors caused by food insecurity and other related issues. Proactivity guided by insight makes a difference. In fact, it’s our passion.

We get to know each individual & connect them to healthy food
We collect feedback & insights from each individual
We report & coordinate with health plan or provider
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Building trust, feeling a difference.


Individuals receive delicious, personalized, healthy food beyond a limited basis. They can count on NourishedRx – and you.


Individuals viscerally learn the power of healthy food to improve their well-being. In addition, they are supported by nutrition education to help them for the long run.


Post intervention, individuals are much better equipped to navigate other community-based and payer resources.

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Frequently asked questions

Who does NourishedRx serve?

Our focus is on health plan members and advanced primary care provider patients living with diet-sensitive chronic conditions, particularly those at risk of nutrition insecurity.

When and how often will individuals receive their food?

The quantity and cadence of food depends on the program and specific member needs. Programs may last between 1-12 months depending on the health plan or provider group. Members may receive prepared meals, meal kits, or grocery boxes which are delivered weekly, biweekly, or monthly. All delivery information is easily accessible and communicated through our member app and personal contact by our Wellness Associates.

Is NourishedRx HIPAA compliant?

Yes, NourishedRx is fully HIPAA compliant and is ISO 27001:2013 certified.

How do I partner with NourishedRx?

We’d love to work with you. Visit the Get in Touch page to contact our team and determine which NourishedRx program is best for your organization and members.

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We’d love to talk about your approach to health, care, and nutrition.

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